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Deep Water Soloing in Vietnam's Cat Ba Island with Asia Outdoors

How an Island, an iPhone, and a Backwards Tattoo Changed My Life, Part II

The first time I saw the Andaman Sea’s waters, it gave me chills — all of those blues. I sat in the sand and tried to categorize the shades of blues and greens and aquas in front of me. I settled on turquoise, but that’s too generic and being unable to classify the shades is still […]

Strong, Vietnamese black(ish) coffee. Or liquor, or both. Who knows.

12 Hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

I am not going to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, I think to myself. I don’t feel like going to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. But, I have to go to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum is something I always suggest to my tour groups when visiting Hanoi. It’s what you do in Hanoi. Along […]

Shit, What O'Connor the Six String Acoustic

I’m going to Ireland. Actually, I’m going around Ireland.

I believe in fate.  Fate has planned my next big adventure. It all started one weekend in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a Labyrinth. Yes, Labyrinth with a capital L, because it’s exactly like that trippy sci-fi George Lucas movie from the 80’s. In the film, a girl named Sarah (!) played by Jennifer […]