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Wat Suan Mokh and ten days of silent meditation. Almost there.

8 Days of Silence in a Buddhist Forest Monastery

Silence was easy. It was the sitting that was difficult. Like painfully difficult. I had a two week vacation from work. The initial idea to go to Bali, Indonesia, and learn to surf wasn’t practical (flights were too expensive) and the Ireland trip was ill-timed (I’d need at least three weeks and the ability to commit […]

Take It Easy by the Eagles Tattoo

How an Island, an iPhone, and a Backwards Tattoo Changed My Life

The advertisement read: “Koh Phi Phi Island Tour: Visit Maya Bay (“The Beach”), Snorkel with Bioluminescent Phytoplankton, Cliff-Jump…” Cliff-jumping?! All that time spent entertaining the idea that one day I’d play Sylvester Stallone’s counterpart in the next installment of Rambo, cliff-jumping in Acapulco… well, this could be my opportunity. I paid 800 baht and signed […]

Palm trees and beachside lounging at The Sea, Koh Samui

Koh Samui: Local Charms in Paradise

Koh Samui may be famous for its luxury resorts, but there’s also plenty of local atmosphere – if you can tear yourself away from your swimming pool. This article originally appeared in the August 2013 issue of Bangkok 101. Read it here.  Towering palm trees and flamboyant orange blooms of the Poinciana tree line the […]

Sarah and Chrissy at THe Chill Resort Pool on Koh Chang

Koh Chang: Backpacking, Luxury and Why I’m Back in Thailand

The “Every Island” adventure: Thailand has more than 300 islands; 100 of which are accessible to humans (read: they’ve been inhabited and developed to varying degrees). That’s over 2,000 miles of tropical coastline, guys. I’ve set a realistic goal of visiting all 100 of those which are accessible. And some of the inaccessible ones. (Just kidding, Mom and […]