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Shit, What O'Connor the Six String Acoustic

I’m going to Ireland. Actually, I’m going around Ireland.

I believe in fate.  Fate has planned my next big adventure. It all started one weekend in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a Labyrinth. Yes, Labyrinth with a capital L, because it’s exactly like that trippy sci-fi George Lucas movie from the 80’s. In the film, a girl named Sarah (!) played by Jennifer […]

Making Cornhole Boards and the Truth About Home Depot

Know who to trust. Stereotypes can fool you. I learned this walking out of Home Depot. I had gone there with the presumption that this was the mecca of male knowledge. Home Depot, where answers to every carpentry question I ever had existed. Where the nuances of primer and sealant make sense. Where my concerns […]

The Science of Sweet Potato Fries

Rarely do I have good experiences with sweet potato fries. The concept doesn’t seem like a winner off the bat. Sweet is the opposite of salty, and french fries are supposed to be salty — there’s obviously a disconnect there. Hence, my disillusioned thinking led me to believe sweet potato fries were doing regular fries […]

Cleveland, Ohio in 2012.

Why Cleveland, Ohio, Should Be Your Ultimate Destination

That was partly a joke. Cleveland should not be anyone’s ultimate destination. But it is an incredibly awesome city, and I’m reminded of this so often that I’ve felt the need to document my reasoning and share it. Because there’s quite the pool of people who sometimes hate this city or just consistently bitch about […]