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Nothing gets between me and my Calin Keluns.

10 Things I’m Laughing About

Because I’ve been chuckling to myself and I need to share. 1. Skyping with family. I’ve been tracking developments back home. Dad’s rediscovered an accordion in the basement. My gorgeous sister Jeannette has cut her hair extremely short. It keeps me up at night. All I can do is groan about it. Meanwhile, her best friends […]

Wat Suan Mokh and ten days of silent meditation. Almost there.

8 Days of Silence in a Buddhist Forest Monastery

Silence was easy. It was the sitting that was difficult. Like painfully difficult. I had a two week vacation from work. The initial idea to go to Bali, Indonesia, and learn to surf wasn’t practical (flights were too expensive) and the Ireland trip was ill-timed (I’d need at least three weeks and the ability to commit […]

Strong, Vietnamese black(ish) coffee. Or liquor, or both. Who knows.

12 Hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

I am not going to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, I think to myself. I don’t feel like going to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. But, I have to go to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum is something I always suggest to my tour groups when visiting Hanoi. It’s what you do in Hanoi. Along […]

Sarah and scorpions. A love affair.

If I Go Missing: I’ve Become an Arachnid-Obsessed Scorpion Handler

“You are crazy!” says an Aussie girl on my tour, looking at me with my arms outstretched. “Crazy in love,” I mumble to myself. Then I look at Appu. “Appu, I need, like, five more.” “We will see,” Appu, the Linebacker Scorpion King, replies. “They are very active right now.” “Active” can mean a lot […]

Making Cornhole Boards and the Truth About Home Depot

Know who to trust. Stereotypes can fool you. I learned this walking out of Home Depot. I had gone there with the presumption that this was the mecca of male knowledge. Home Depot, where answers to every carpentry question I ever had existed. Where the nuances of primer and sealant make sense. Where my concerns […]