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Sarah and scorpions. A love affair.

If I Go Missing: I’ve Become an Arachnid-Obsessed Scorpion Handler

“You are crazy!” says an Aussie girl on my tour, looking at me with my arms outstretched. “Crazy in love,” I mumble to myself. Then I look at Appu. “Appu, I need, like, five more.” “We will see,” Appu, the Linebacker Scorpion King, replies. “They are very active right now.” “Active” can mean a lot […]

Motorbike ride in Battambang

If I go missing: I’ve taken up a career as a motorbike driver.

There is something about being on a two-wheeled motorized vehicle that gets me all sorts of excited. Thailand must have known I was coming; they devised a whole public transportation system consisting of thousands of orange-vested men willing to taxi me from destination to destination on the back of their motorbikes for less than an […]

Airport Layover in Jordan_Dead Sea Floating

If I go missing: I’ve escaped to Jordan to become a princess.

The first thought I had was, “If I did yoga as inconspicuously as possible in a deserted and hopefully clean corner of this Middle Eastern airport, I wonder just how blatant the stares and whispers would be.” The second was,  “I have a pleather jacket, a laptop and a laptop case. Think Tetris-style. What formation of these three […]