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On Returning to Cleveland and Rediscovering the Physics of Pizza

Today, I’m back in Cleveland. But one month ago, Bali was home. I was briefly retired; scuba diving, surfing and yoga’ing my way around the island and its waters. Three months ago, I was convincing travelers their lives were safe in my hands and leading tours across Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. It’s […]

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The Definitive, Extended and Growing List of Reasons Why Cleveland Rocks

1. We’re Diverse City, Ohio. Cleveland has the twelfth largest Polish population in the US. Those Poles immigrated to an area in Cleveland, set up kielbasa and peirogi shops on every corner, and called it Slavic Village. Like OPEC and its petroleum-exporting countries, these sausage shops might as well have been a cartel. But you’d be […]

Cleveland, Ohio in 2012.

Why Cleveland, Ohio, Should Be Your Ultimate Destination

That was partly a joke. Cleveland should not be anyone’s ultimate destination. But it is an incredibly awesome city, and I’m reminded of this so often that I’ve felt the need to document my reasoning and share it. Because there’s quite the pool of people who sometimes hate this city or just consistently bitch about […]